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Konicom data recovery pricing - Burbank Los Angeles Data Recovery Pricing Guide and Turn Around Time

Cypress Data Recovery Pricing Principle

Our data recovery motto is There is no charge if we are unable to recovery any of your important data. If your data is partially recovered, you have the option of paying the quoted price for the partially recovered data, or pay nothing if you don’t want the partial data. Our data recovery prices are dependent on the difficulty of the recovery, not the actual amount of data.

Customers are required to verify their data before checking out, as refunds will not be issued once the data leaves the premises.

Below is a general pricing guideline for data recovery, however in each recovery case a more precise estimate will be given after the media is evaluated.

Commerce Los Angeles Data Retrieval PricingWest Hollywood Los Angeles Data Retrieval Pricing  

Cypress Data Recovery Pricing Guide

    West Hollywood Los Angeles RAID Data Recovery Pricing     Memory Stick Logical Data Recovery    -    From $150 to $299
Burbank Los Angeles RAID corruption Data Recovery Pricing

We offer to Cypress customers on the following types of media: SD Card, Compact Flash Card, Memory Stick, USB Flash Drive, CD, DVD, Secure Digital Flash Card, and camera memory cards. Data Recovery for smartphones such as Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, LG Android, and Samsung Galaxy starts at $200.

on the above medias costs between $300 and up per media due to the additional labor involved.
    Commerce Los Angeles RAID Data Recovery Pricing     Tier 1 PC Data Recovery    -    From $150 to $299
Burbank Los Angeles RAID corruption Data Recovery Pricing

Accidental data loss due to human error usually falls into the Tier 1 data recovery pricing category. This includes but is not limited to accidental deletion of files, accidental format of hard drive, loss of the operating system , and other filesystem problems due to lost system files. Only basic data recovery software is necessary in these cases.

Additional charges may apply for recoveries involving large amounts of data transfer to storage devices.
    West Hollywood Los Angeles RAID Data Recovery Pricing     Tier 2 PC Data Recovery    -    From $300 to $599
Commerce Los Angeles RAID corruption Data Recovery Pricing

The next most intensive type of data recovery is considered Tier 2 Data recovery. This applies to media with minor physical damage or serious logical issues such as: firmware corruption, heavy file structure damage, operating system corruption, and database index corruption.

If the drive is making a clicking noise, usually it will fall under the higher end of the Tier 2 data recovery price range or become a Tier 3 data recovery if donor parts are required. These cases may require more time and effort in order to recover the data.
    Commerce Los Angeles RAID Data Recovery Pricing     Tier 3 PC Data Recovery    -    $600 and up
Burbank Los Angeles RAID Hard Drive Data Recovery Prcing

Tier 3 data recovery can stem from issues such as clicking noises, physical damage, and general unresponsiveness of the hard drive. It may also be required when a lower tier data recovery is not successful, or upon extracting the data we discover critical damage to the file structure.

We may need to operate on the drive in a clean room environment. Great technical skill by experienced professionals is required to make this kind of data recovery successful. Regardless of whether the data is recovered or not, we cover the cost of all parts.
    West Hollywood Los Angeles Data Recovery Pricing     RAID Data Recovery    -    Call us
Burbank Los Angeles SD card Data Recovery Pricing

RAID data recovery costs are available only after the media has been evaluated. RAID array evaluations are free. Please provide all drives in the RAID array.
    Commerce Los Angeles Flash Drive Data Recovery Pricing     Macintosh Data Recovery    -    Call us
West Hollywood Los Angeles SD Card Data Recovery Pricing

For Macintosh data recovery, quotes will be provided after our free evaluation. You are welcome to ship your device(s) to our shop at 225 N. Barranca Street Suite #125, West Covina, CA 91791.
Turn Around Time, Excluding Shipping

  • PC and Laptop hard drive data recovery: one to three business days
  • Macintosh hard drive data recovery: three to five business days
  • RAID/Server data recovery: 24/7 work for emergency requests available

Burbank Los Angeles Data Retrieval PricingWest Hollywood Los Angeles Data Retrieval Pricing  
Prevent Future Data Loss

Commerce Los Angeles Remote BackupTo prevent future data loss, we also offer to Cypress customers. This affordable, proactive solution guarantees that your data is safe and secure in the event of a hard drive crash or system failure. Pricing starts at (10GB quota, upgrades available). No one other than you can access your backup data. For more details please see our Remote Backup Center website.

Konicom Data Recovery Services Los Angeles
For Cypress data recovery service please bring or ship your device(s) to
Konicom, Inc's data recovery lab at 225 N. Barranca Street Suite #125, West Covina, CA 91791.

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