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Causes of Data Loss
Head Crash Tier 3 Data Recovery Burbank Los AngelesGenerally speaking, the two main causes for data loss are Logical causes and Physical causes. The solutions to these causes are referred to as Logical Data Recovery and Physical Data Recovery respectively.

Logical Data Recovery can also be called Software-level File System Restoration. Logical Data Recovery requires no mechanical or physical repairs. Logical causes include but are not limited to: viruses, deletion, formatting, partition loss, operating system corruption, firmware corruption, database indexing corruption, file structure damage and clone-by-mistake. The two causes that pose the most challenge in Logical Data Recovery are database indexing corruption and clone-by-mistake.

Symptoms include but are not limited to the following:
  • Cannot find or open certain files/documents
  • Popup messages saying "Unformatted partition"
  • Computer is unable to find operating system
  • Disk partitions go missing
On the other hand, Physical Data Recovery does require mechanical or physical repairs in order to retrieve data. Some of the causes of hard drive or device physical damage are: manufacturer's defect, a physical impact such as a device being dropped or bumped while it is running, or fire and water damage. Damaged chips or components can produce issues such as bad track, scratches on platters, motor seizure, head crash, burnt PCBA and other malfunctioning components.

Physical damage symptoms include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Disk freezes due to bad sectors
  • Cannot load or find operating system
  • Disk is recognized by system but files cannot be read
  • Disk does not respond to system commands
  • Hard drive makes a steady "clicking" noise
Data Recovery Solutions

Konicom Data Recovery West Hollywood Los Angeles Konicom Data recovery services are split up into tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 recovery and so on. For more details and pricing regarding Torrance data recovery services, please click here.

Logical Data Recovery falls under Tier 1 and Tier 2 data recovery depending on how serious the damage is. In nearly all cases, logical data recovery can be done using our professional recovery software.

Physical damage to the track of the disk, like bad sectors, usually occur due to manufacturer defects and can be repaired by reallocating the partition or sectors (this is considered Tier 2 recovery).

Physical Data Recovery is when data is recovered from hard drives with damaged components such as the spindle motor, Head stack, or PCBA board. A “clean room” environment free of dust and grease is required to perform proper physical data recovery. Once in the clean room, damaged components are manually replaced using specialized tools. The use of a clean room and following correct procedure is highly important in data recovery. Any particles that touch the hard drive can cause the recovery to fail, and any mistakes in the procedure may result in disk misalignment and permanent data loss. Because of the need of specialized tools, clean room environment, and overal complexity, Physical data recovery is considered Tier3 and beyond. It is the most expensive of our data recovery services. Physical data recovery includes the cost of donor parts for replacing damaged components.

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